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"It started with one product for one client. Two years later, they are trusting us with 25."

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Your Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Options with Us are Practically Unlimited

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State-of-the-art facilities fueled by our state-of-the-heart commitment ensure that you succeed.

Whether you seek to manufacture an API or a full formulation, Generic Partners can get it done. We provide a wide selection of formulations for everyday vitamins, high-end nutraceuticals, and prescription products, backed by clinical studies.

How you could benefit from Generic Partners’ strong manufacturing know-how:

  • Get high quality products at low costs
  • Exercise more choice to produce more product forms, strengths and packaging types
  • Enjoy reliable long-term supply that is quality assured
  • Take instant action with custom SKUs stocked and ready for shipment at quick notice
  • Ensure no parallel retailing conflict of interest as we are strictly a wholesaler
  • Leverage our global supplier relationships, R&D expertise and marketing know-how


“We have the capacity to manufacture practically any custom formulation.

Aman Madan, COO and Country Head, Australia


"It started with one product for one client. Two years later, they are trusting us with 25."

Shailesh Naik, Country Head, India


What we do

Our highly experienced sales, customer service and product development teams can help you design, formulate, manufacture and package your products at the price and quality you desire.

We take our clients' success seriously and commit to being your long-term partner for innovation and business growth. We relish building success upon success and are thrilled to work with like-minded innovators. With us, you can look forward to a dynamic flow of ideas, actions and achievements for the long haul.

Our cGMP certified manufacturing facilities can handle large volume demands and a comprehensive range of packaging. Our facilities are also routinely inspected by independent quality assurance organisations to ensure that we comply with industry standards that we often exceed.


  • Private Label Prescriptions
  • Store Brands
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • OTC products to market as your own


  • Australia
  • India
  • Europe
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • USA
  • South East Asia

Comprehensive Range of Dosage Forms

  • Solid Oral Dosage - Tablets, Capsules, Softgels
  • Liquid Oral Dosage - Suspensions, Syrup
  • Transdermal - Creams, Patches
  • Parenterals - IV, IM, SC
  • Powders 
  • Suppositories

Success Stories

Accelerating client success from a single product to 25 within two years

(Manufacturing, Long-term success)

CHALLENGE - After wooing a large multinational for two years, we finally secured our first contract. The client recognised our outstanding performance in helping them launch the product and commissioned us to supply 24 other formulations over the next two years.

The challenge was to scale up supply without compromising quality or price, while collaborating with the supply logistics company appointed by the client.

SOLUTION - We had the global network to draw from 14 different manufacturing locations in India and Europe, and the management skills to ensure things all ran smoothly. We made this happen by following through promptly on actionable items arising from our week reportly for each product progressing in the supply chain.

OUTCOME - We continued to achieve marketing targets for each product launch despite the large number of formulations. Stock would often be shipped into a territory just hours after midnight of patent expiry. This gave our client the confidence that we had the capabilities to continue growing with them.

Quick mobilisation of cGMP manufacturers for successful Para IV filing on NCE-1 Date

(Manufacturing, First to Market)

CHALLENGE - Our client had an ambitious deadline to submit an ANDA (Abbreviated New Drug Application) with Para IV to the FDA in the United States by the NCE-1 date of a potential drug a year before the New Chemical Exclusivity for that formulation expired.

The six-month R&D and manufacturing timeline was very tight because it typically takes a much longer time to find and commission a reliable manufacturer who can produce good-quality bio-equivalent batches of enough product for both internal testing and regulatory filing.

SOLUTION - Generic Partners sprung into action. We leveraged strong working relationships with decision makers of several cGMP manufacturers and other service providers to make things happen fast:

  • Line up a reliable manufacturer (CGMP certified for having current Good Manufacturing Practice);
  • Convey instructions for producing the formulation;
  • Procure all required materials quickly and at competitive prices;
  • Produce satisfactory batches to withstand rigorous internal R&D testing;
  • Conduct bio-equivalent studies to ensure the drug does what it should; and
  • Produce all quality data and documentation to file on NCE-1 date.

OUTCOME - Through astute project management and by approaching the high-calibre manufacturing partners and expert advisors in our network, we succeeded in finding an available manufacturer to produce high-quality batches in sufficient quantity to file a strong ANDA with Para IV on NCE-1 date.

Upon approval (which we anticipate with confidence), the client shall secure the highly lucrative 180-day exclusivity to market the generic product during a potential 'billion-dollar revenue' period when other companies have no rights to sell the product yet. This shall make a huge impact on their sales and success.


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