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“We do not sell our own retail products. Therefore, we do not compete with client offerings in any marketplace.”

Who is Generic Partners?

Your Trustworthy Global Partner for Non-Infringing Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs

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Our clients rely on us to advance lucrative business ideas, conduct breakthrough research, overcome formulation difficulties, quicken regulatory approval and bring high-quality low cost generic pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products to market ahead of the competition.

Rewarding Partnerships

The rewarding experience of collaborating with us includes:

  • Enjoying the most competitive price from economies of scale;
  • Access to a comprehensive range of cGMP accredited manufacturing capabilities for tablets, capsules, softgels, powders and liquids, and a wide choice of packaging including bulk, bottling and blisters;
  • Capitalising on country-specific expertise in intellectual property, patenting, dossier development and regulatory filing requirements;
  • Benefitting from local market intelligence and experience in formulation, quality assurance, logistics, operations, sales and marketing
  • Receiving excellent customer care including interactive access to progress reports through all stages of manufacturing
  • Accelerating success through lucrative long-term partnerships, shared risk and access to a rapidly expanding global manufacturing and distribution network.


We are a Preferred Supplier

Our satisfied clients include top-notch pharmaceutical multinationals, innovative regional companies and retail chemists who are market leaders in their respective countries.

We are a Preferred Customer

Our trusted and loyal suppliers collaborate with us to create the most cost-effective supply chain to maximise profit, quality, and timely delivery within budget. We treat our suppliers with respect and provide a dedicated partner executive for each one because the stronger the relationship, the more we can achieve together.


 “We do not market our own Brands, therefore we do not compete with client offerings in any marketplace.”

Sanjiv Puri, CEO and Managing Director

The trust that we cultivate with each client is built upon our key promise to operate strictly as a wholesaler.

We do not undermine clients in the retail domain of any country. When you collaborate with us, you can expect full integrity and confidentiality.

Evidence of Calibre

“In 5 short years, we have built a formidable portfolio of more than 100 prescription and over-the-counter products.”

Aman Madan, COO and Country Head, Australia

Our innovative and energetic team has accomplished multiple impressive feats in an industry where the full project cycle from product selection to market release is typically one to six years:

  • Built an impressive portfolio of more than 100 products in 5 short years
  • Enabled leading pharmaceutical retailers to identify and launch lucrative generic formulations into Australia, India, Europe, Canada, Asia and South Africa.

Next, we intend to take on the United States: The most challenging pharmaceutical market in the world.

With proven capabilities in Research and Development, Patent Strategies and Manufacturing as well as substantial experience in Global Regulatory Filing, Outlicencing and Supply, we have the winning formula to continue adding tremendous value to our partners and accelerate their business growth worldwide.

We Commit to Adding Value

Generic Partners is proactive in initiating worthwhile, high-margin projects and has a knack for spotting gaps in a product range. We are also highly responsive and resourceful in tackling projects and resolving challenges initiated by clients. This is why we tend to attract the most innovative collaborators and clients of high calibre.

“We guarantee to add value to all our partnerships.”

Sanjiv Puri, CEO and Managing Director

Our founder’s motto is expressed in all key areas of service:

  • Research & Development (incorporating Patent Strategies)  
  • Manufacturing 
  • Global Regulatory Filing and Approval  
  • Outlicencing and Supply

Our strong capabilities in these areas are directed by experienced and dynamic leaders who helm our offices around the globe.


CEO | Australia | India | Europe | South Africa | Canada  |  Research & Development  | Global Regulatory Filing

The achievements of our global company reflect the calibre and commitment of a multinational team guided by visionary and dynamic leaders.

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Mr Sanjiv Puri


“We guarantee to add value to all our partnerships.”

CEO and Managing Director

Sanjiv is a visionary director who is relentless in innovating the best ways to provide the best value for clients and partners.

Sanjiv's reputation as a significant player in generic pharmaceuticals in the last decade is earned through illustrious stints as Executive Director of Generic Health Australia and Bellwether Pharma; as exclusive licensor for Actavis; and as a key investor in ASX-listed Secure BioTech Capital and Lupin, the latter which precedes his founding of Generic Partners Pty Ltd in 2009.

Having built a formidable global portfolio at Generic Partners in five short years, Sanjiv now has his eye set on the world's most lucrative generics market: the United States.


AmanM Generic_Partners_200x267-1001.jpg

Mr Aman Madan

MBA (Deakin)

“There is no single formula for growth . . . the most astute economic strategy is to capitalise on each country's uniqueness.”

COO and Country Head, Australia

Aman spearheads global expansion and seeks out worthy partners in diverse territories for mutual advancement worldwide.

Building on a strong track record of multinational business development and multicultural relationship management in more than 10 countries across several continents while in the textiles industry, Aman demonstrates that many principles of successful globalisation apply to the pharmaceutical industry as well. Over two decades, he has displayed a consistent knack for tailoring country-specific strategies that work. He has a passion for advancing start-ups, and is well versed in strategic planning and change management, as well as leadership and coaching.



Mr Shailesh Naik

Executive MBA, B.Pharm

“Our flexibility ensures that we satisfy every customer's unique needs.”

Country Head, India

An industry expert with more than 20 years' experience, Shailesh oversees our business development, account servicing, special projects, manufacturing, regulatory and compliance divisions in India that nonetheless have an impact on our global business.

Shailesh's extensive experience in sales, international marketing, licensing, and operations covers emerging markets across Asia, Middle East, South Africa and Latin America. He was instrumental in establishing the supply chain and back office operations at Orion before serving as a key manager at Generic Partners.



Mr Gaby Simaan


“We can source for any type of pharmaceutical product, at the required quality level and standards of regulatory approval.”

Country Head, South Africa

Making high-quality generics affordable in sub-Saharan African countries, Gaby directs our South African presence which provides product commercialisation and regulatory services for leading international and local pharmaceutical companies while capitalising on Generic Partner's full suite of services in the generics supply chain.

Over 20 years, Gaby has established himself as a successful entrepreneur with expertise in pharmaceuticals, import/export, procurement and retail marketing.



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